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//42CrMo4 Alloy Steel Bars, Round Bars Manufacturers
  • 42CrMo4 Round Bars Manufacturers, 42CrMo4 Alloy Steel Bars Factory, 42CrMo4 Alloy Steel Bars Manufacturers
  • Alloy Steel Bars, 4140, EN 24 EN19 Round Bars, Flat Bars Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers
  • Alloy Steel Bars, 4140, EN 24 EN19 Round Bars, Flat Bars Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers
  • Alloy Steel Bars, 4140, EN 24 EN19 Round Bars, Flat Bars Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers

42CrMo4 Alloy Steel Bars, Round Bars Manufacturers


42CrMo4 Alloy Steel Bars Manufacturers, Suppliers – Call Us Now!

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Metline specialises in the manufacture and supply of 42CrMo4 alloy steel bars in India, and companies worldwide. We are India’s leading factory for 42CrMo4 for alloy steel bars, with supply range of 6mm to 800mm. We can supply the 42CrMo4 flat bars, 42CrMo4 square bars, 42CrMo4 plates, 42CrMo4 hexagonal steel bars and 42CrMo4 steel square blocks. All 42CrMo4 materials supplied by Metline are accompanied with Mill Test Certificates, or in some case NABL approved Lab Testing Reports. We are specialised manufacturers and supplier of high quality 42CrMo4 steel round rods, square/flat bars, rollers, shafts, blocks and forging pieces, produced as hot forged and rolled. We can supply cut to size 42CrMo4 alloy steel bars, with both small and wide diameters. Our stock of 42CrMo4 alloy steel bars includes outside diameter from 20 up to 800mm, with Ultrasonic Test Reports, Chemical Test Reports, as well as Mechanical Test Reports.

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  • 42CrMo4 Rounds Bright Drawn Steel Bars Available for Immediate Deliveries Worldwide
  • 42CrMo4 Hexagons Bright Drawn Steel Bars, Made to Custom Sizes

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Product Description

42CrMo4 Alloy Steel Bars Manufacturers, Suppliers – Top Quality 42CrMo4 Alloy Steel Bars

What is 42CrMo4 Steel?

  • EN19, AISI 4140, SAE 4140, 42CrMo4, 42CrMoS4, Din 1.7225

  • EN-19, AISI-4140, SAE4140, 42CrMo4V, 42CrMoS4V, Din 1.7227

Medium carbon steels are high strength steels which include 42CrMo4 as an important member in low alloy category. These steels show positive response to all variety of heat treatments. 42CrMo4 is a 1% chromium – molybdenum medium hardenability general purpose high tensile steel – generally  supplied hardened and tempered in the tensile range of 850 – 1000 Mpa (condition T). 42CrMo4 alloy is a high quality, high tensile alloy steel usually supplied readily machineable in ‘T’ condition, giving good ductility and shock resisting properties combined with resistance to wear. 

Adapters, Arbors, Axle Shafts, Bolts, Crankshafts, Connection Rods, Chuck Bodies, Collets, Conveyor Pins & Rolls, Ejector Pins, Forks, Gears, Guide Rods, Hydraulic Shafts & Parts,Lathe Spindles, Logging Parts, Milling Spindles, Motor Shafts, Nuts, Pinch Bars, Pins Various, Pinions, Pump Shafts, Rams, Sockets, Spindles, Sprockets, Studs, Tool Holders, Torsion Bars, Worms etc.

What is the Chemical Composition for 42CrMo4 Alloy Steel Bars?

Standard Grade C Cr Mo Si Mn P S Ni Cu
GB 42CrMo 0.38-0.45 0.90-1.20 0.15-0.25 0.17-0.37 0.50-0.80 0.035 0.035 0.3 0.3
JIS SCM440 0.38-0.43 0.90-1.20 0.15-0.30 0.15-0.35 0.60-0.90 0.03 0.03 0.25 0.3
ASTM 4140 0.38-0.43 0.80-1.10 0.15-0.25 0.15-0.35 0.75-1.00 0.035 0.04
ENISO 42CrMo4 0.38-0.45 0.90-1.20 0.15-0.30 ≤0.40 0.60-0.90 0.035 0.035

What are the Mechanical Properties of 42CrMo4 Alloy Steel Bars?

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Reduction Impacting Energy HBW
Rm,MPa Rel,MPa A,%  Z,% Aku,J
After annealing
≥1080 ≥930 ≥12 ≥45 ≥63 217

42CrMo4 Steel Availability and Production Range

  • 42CrMo4 Steel as Forged or Rolled, can be made available in below sizes and form:
    Round bar
    Size: Dia.10-1,000mm
    Length: 3,000-10,000mm
    Square bar
    Size: 10×10-600×600mm
    Length: 2,000-8,000mm

**Forged Flat Bars, Blocks, Shafts and Forging Pieces can be customized, as per customer requirements

Additional Information

Main Carbon Steel Grades

EN-8, EN-9, C-40, C-45, C-55, SAE 1040, SAE 1045 and SAE 1050


50 kg's to Production Qty's

Delivery time

Promptly (Stock) or 10-40 days (Production)




Mill TC EN 10204 3.1, Third Party Inspection, NDT/DT Test Reports

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